Maria Supin | Paradise Meadows Orchard

Paradise Meadows Orchard

February 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

One of the best educational places on Big Island for kids is Paradise Meadows Orchard. We found it on our way to South Point and were very happy about it. There is everything your kids might need chocolate, picnic tables, animals, very interesting and detailed tour around the farm, fish pond and more! Owners are very friendly. We have been told about huge moth that makes bananas (my life will never be the same). We learned how fish tank makes garden water all good without any chemicals. Megan, let my daughter, who also is into art, sees her studio and observe some paintings she is working on. My kids loved watching parrots eating and taking. Some of the parrots are shy, some not. If you have some extra fingers that you need to get rid of, stick them to that rainbow parrot cage.

The story of the farm is incredible itself.  You can read their story on a web site

It was a great trip I hope our family will come back soon.


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