The other side of a dream

February 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

There is few more beaches coming up soon, but I wanted to share few photos that represent the other side of our vacation. Especially when our kids were younger it was a little high maintenance during traveling.  Every mom and dad wants to give the best they can to their kids. There were time when we were potty training under any circumstances, we were concerned about our family diet, we wanted to educate our kids take care of themselves and other life survival skills. We wanted our kids to enjoy the sand and sunshine but we also wanted them to look for opportunities to serve the family.  Vacation with kids can be stressful but if we look around for opportunities to learn together, to serve each other, your vacation can be priceless time with growing your relationships with kids. Daily life is very busy, packed with events and deadlines, so I’m always looking forward to our family time-out, when we can take a closer look on how we love and where we don’t.


Here are some fun photos that maybe don’t look like your dream family vacation :) 

On our first visit to Big island we didn’t know if we will like it or not and didn’t want to spend much on it. We found a very nice tickets price but could not find a place to stay. We ended up renting a three bedroom condo was kind of last minute deal very affordable. It was big enough for us, and only few minutes from magic sand beach. This condo was in a neighbor hood where local people live their everyday life. So it was a little rustic to me, but we mostly only needed it to stay the night pack in a morning and leave to new adventures. Rainy day will challenge you to entertain your kids. Library it is. Nap time will hit your kids after swimming unexpectedly.   Yes we do dishes ourselves Our first stop – Costco!! We love to explore new territories but getting to the car and back can be tricky. Kids are always hungry Be creative if you got stuck in airport. No TV on vacation, watch nature.   Than we come home and miss our great time and we do it again!!


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