Maria Supin | Everyday life. Snow storm day II

Everyday life. Snow storm day II

January 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

We experiencing snow storm for almost two days now. As A mom of 4 kids I’m only hoping my dryer can hang there for a little longer.  Our kids are coming home only to get some food and then running back outside. While children stuffing their tummies I dry wet snow gear, getting new pairs of socks and putting some lotion on their rosy chicks.  

Our neighborhood is a great place to try all kind of snow activities. We even tried dog sledding, which was very special.

We lost some trees on our street.  My personal heart breaking loss is my curly willow tree that I planted as a tiny branch. In a few years it became a beautiful strong tree. Last night it didn’t bear the heaviness of snow. It seemed so strong… It didn’t gave away a branch, but fell all together leaving roots behind. I have about two hundred portraits left for me and a little branch that I will save inside till spring.

While I regret my loss God giving us beautiful sky to rejoice. City lights adding more drama to our streets and makes them look so adventures.


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