Maria Supin | Manini Beach. Kona Big Island

Manini Beach. Kona Big Island

January 27, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

ometimes kids get exhausted from sun and need a little break Manini beach was a great spot for us to relax for a day. It’s mostly covered with grass had a lot of shade. Kids like to explore the rocks and even observe turtles from the high rocks . On your left side of the beach (facing ocean) is a little hiking trail that your kids might enjoy. On some websites you can see photos of sandy aria and donkey. We went there spring 2016 and haven’t seen the sand. A local lady that volunteers at the park said that donkey has died in 2014.  So we played our toys, walked around to find rare flowers and jump from rocks.  Tell your boys a story about brave Captain Cook you can see his monument on the other side of the beach. Water is a little blurry for snorkeling because warm water mixing with cold water. But you can still get decent underwater photos.


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