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Creative project - colors

April 01, 2017  •  4 Comments

Hi there

Lately I have been working on a personal project and just want to share some of the photos and detail of the actual process. If you have seen a photographer with two ladders climbing blooming trees and bushes in Vancouver aria, that me! I had an idea of photographing color patterns in nature, plants in particular. My daughter Ariel loved that idea so two of us are driving around Vancouver hunting colors and patterns. The end result of it supposes to be a body size frame on our wall with colorful images from black to white. We committed ourselves to do it from spring to next snow day in winter.  It was a fun time so far, Ariel is very patient and doing amazing job. We are looking for a color blue now so if you happen to know where we can find it please tell us! Enjoy some colors on this rainy afternoon.  


We have beautiful blue hydrangeas right now at our house if you want to come sometime. You can email Mom if you're interested!
Maria Supin
Thank you, I thought about water but still hoping to keep it in plants theme.
Tanya Mitsuk(non-registered)
Wanted to say easy to find not is
Tanya Mitsuk(non-registered)
beautiful pictures and I love this idea! Good job girls!

Blue sky, blue water is to find.
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