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Big Island HI

January 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Our whether condition kept me home for more than a week. Snow storm and freezing rain gave me an opportunity to do some projects that I always wanted to do but newer could find time for. In next few blog posting I’ll tell you about my favorite place – Big Island.  I will post mostly about beaches and fun things to do with children.  We picked Big Island as our family vacation place about 4 years ago.  Our reasons for that? It’s "in country" vacation place, straight easy flight from Portland, cheaper (for large family) than other islands, big enough to not get bored with.  It also has our favorite store – Costco that gives me same menu as at home, and I don’t have to be creative with our food, that makes my grocery shopping fast and simple. We rent same place every year, and rent minivan while we there (by the way second cheapest car to rent).

Today I will show you photos from the beach that is one of the best for mixed age kids. It is Kukio Beach also known as Four Seasons Beach. Our children age is from 10 – 4 so we have to be creative to meet all their preferences.

It's sandy baby friendly part, no big waves. Very safe for toddlers It’s the best place to see Turtles and learn snorkeling Second part of the beach, great for snorkeling. To find hermit crabs and turtles keep going to your right (facing ocean) pass grassy aria, hike through rocks and enjoy. It’s the second part of the beach great place for kids to explore. Beach also beautiful for sunset and a great place for family photos.  


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