Maria Supin | Kua Bay Beach

Kua Bay Beach

January 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This is our family second favorite beach on Big Island. We call it “Teddy beach” because it’s right next to two hills that we call teddy bears. Beach is perfect for big waives lovers. Depends on a time of the year you can find a little lagoon for your younger kids that protected from big waive by rocks. Toddlers must be supervised 100% of the time here. Sometimes water covers the entire sandy aria unexpectedly, taking back towels toys and your favorite sunglasses.  


Mornings are quieter I would say, but there is plenty of parking so we usually go there when we know that Mauna kea and Kukio beaches parking lots are full. There is no shade so bring your umbrella. It’s also good beach for snorkeling you can find some fun underwater creatures.


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